What is Gossip?

GOSSIP – the Gender Odyssey Support Service And Information Project meets on the first Friday of every month in Galway, and is open to all Trans people who wish to avail of the service.

Gossip is run on a completely voluntary basis, and is peer led, so everyone who attends the group as a say in what happens, and what the group does.

Contacting the Group:
The best way to contact the group is by email: gossipgalway@gmail.com

This is the group mobile phone, which isn’t always on as it’s not a helpline, but a contact point, so do leave a message or send a text message to the phone and we can get in touch: 0862278876

It’s always on before meetings for anyone who might be having difficulty finding the venue, or needing to contact for any reason around then.

Currently Eamon and Casey are the two volunteers involved in running the group, but new volunteers are always welcome to help the running of the group.

Group membership covers Galway city, county, and further afield around the western region too! Anyone in the surrounding areas is more than welcome to come along to the group, and we would just ask that you get in touch before attending, so we can give you directions to the meeting place and let you know what will be happening.

Everyone attending the meetings agrees to a code of conduct:

Gossip Group Agreement
Please be on time.
Respect each other.
No preconceptions.
Everyone’s individual needs are equally important.
Take ownership of your own journey.
Only share personal information that you are comfortable with sharing.
Confidentiality is key.
Please refrain from the use of negative language (offensive terminologies, swearing, etc)
Leave personal relationships outside of the group, and interact with the group as a whole.

This group agreement is agreed upon by the members at each session, and a printed copy is signed in agreement by new members. The agreement is always open for discussion, and amendments if the group decides it is needed. Tt’s an agreement between the members ourselves, not rules laid down upon them by others.

6 thoughts on “What is Gossip?

  1. Hi Joss and Eamon,
    Hope you are well.
    I am on the board of AMACH! and am updating listings in GCN.
    I have added your details as follows, can you confirm this is ok?

    GOSSIP Trans Group: Galway Odyssey Support Service and Information Project http://gossipgalway.wordpress.com E: gossipgalway@gmail.com

    Looking forward to meeting you soon, but unfortunately I won’t be able to make meeting on Friday June 4th.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hey Marie,

      Thanks for the message. Those are indeed the correct details for the group. :)

      Sorry you can’t come along and meet the TENI development work this week, but hopefully we’ll be able to meet up soon.

    • Actually, Marie, I just noticed there’s a wee small error in these details:

      Gossip stands for Gender Odyssey Support Service And Information Project. The G is for Gender, not for Galway. :)



      • Sorry about that!
        Congrats and good luck tomorrow at the AMACH! ID Film launch and screening in the Town Hall tomorrow. The GOSSIP segment is amazing and I think everyone could learn a lot about tolerance and sensitivity by watching it. Marie

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